Alan is the idea man for Two Stroke Taco. He loves most things with four wheels.  Alan is originally from Liverpool, and  is typically driving a Subaru, or his Honda CB, or his truck, or whatever he just bought. When Alan grows up he wants to be a rally car driver, or an F1 driver, or own a chippy, or become a rockstar. One of those is bound to work out.
Dave’s job is to make things look good. His eye for color, placement, and aesthetics is above most. If there are waves Dave is surfing. He often travels on his CB but can also be found in his Mini. Be careful, its so tuff you might get punched in the face if your not careful. He has also been known to ride a Vespa GS160. Footy is his sport of choice and his allegiance is to ManU.
Jamie’s job is to correct your grammar, spelling, and generally speaking make you feel like the inferior person that you are. He only watches “films” and reads the classics. His favorite tv show is CBS Sunday Morning. He’s older than you and oddly enough also has a vintage scooter (1959 Vespa VNA) and a GTI.
Phillip is the technical brains behind Two Stroke Taco. By day, Phillip is a corporate clown. By night, he can be found breaking one of his vintage scooters, working on his GTI, playing guitar, driving his lovely wife crazy, or chasing his daughter around the house. Phillip loves to see bands and might have a record habit. He is always up for eating tacos.

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